Supported Employment at Wimmera UnitingCare

What is supported employment?

Uniting Wimmera GBR Enterprises provides supported employment opportunities for people with disabilities in the Wimmera area.

Supported employment gives our employees independence, accomplishment and fulfilment.

It reduces isolation and gives them a chance to work with other people and make friendships, while learning new skills. Importantly it gives them the chance to earn an income.

Who can apply?

A person is eligible to participate in Supported Employment if they are:
• An Australian Citizen;
• At least 15 years of age;
• Meet the requirements of a National Police and Working with Children Check;
• Meet the impairment criteria for receipt of the Disability Pension.

What are the benefits for working at GBR Enterprises?

We have specialist staff who will support you in your employment and all other areas of interest and endeavour to assist in the you in the duties would like to undertake within our workplace.

The benefits for working at GBR Enterprises are that we support your employment choices, training needs and social aspects of the business.

Current opportunities

Vegetable processing:

Learn new skills and gain experience in our vegetable processing plant, which provides peeled, cleaned, sliced and diced vegetable to many local organisations and the general public. You will learn skills in many areas on how to process vegetables, storage, ordering and packaging.

Gardening and general maintenance crew:

This crew provides a valuable service to our clients who require general gardening or maintenance at their house or business. You will gain skills in mowing, edging and basic landscaping skills.


Want to increase your administration skills or learn more about customer service? We have a great administration team and you may be able to assist them with their daily duties. Tasks might involve orders, stock takes, money exchange and answering the phone or emails.


We currently market coleslaw, sliced onion and sliced potato to our current staff members.
In the future we hope to grow this to provide these products plus fresh fruit and vegetable to other large organisations.
You will learn skills and knowledge customer service and basic sales skills.

Education, Training and Support

Uniting Wimmera fully support staff to undertake further training and we will assist you with your training needs.
When you feel comfortable and willing to move forward we will support you to undertake a traineeship or any other required training you may want to undertake.
We currently have a person who is completing their Certificate II in Business Administration as a Traineeship.

We look forward to you becoming a member of our team.


For more information contact Leeann O'Beirne on 03 5382 4621