Wimmera UnitingCare’s Gardening and Vegetable Processing enterprises are classed as Australian Disability Enterprises and give employees independence, accomplishment, and fulfillment.

The enterprises reduce isolation and give them a chance to work with other people and make friendships, while learning new skills. Importantly, it gives them the chance to earn an income.

Doing business with Wimmera UnitingCare’s Disability Enterprises is more than just good business - it provides supported employment opportunities for people with disability and corporate social responsibility benefits for customers.

It means your business can have a positive impact on the community by simply choosing Vegetable Processing as your provider.

Our staff...

Supported Employees in vegetable processing find their jobs satisfying and are always enthusiastic to learn new skills and provide a quality service for customers.

Here are some comments from our staff:

  • I like to interact with others.
  • I have heaps of fun.
  • I like to keep busy.
  • I like doing my job well.
  • I get to have a laugh.
  • Staff help me and are friendly.
  • I get to work on two crews, the gardening and processing.
  • I like to meet different people and the community.
  • Good pay.
  • I like routine.
  • I like working with everyone here.
  • I like my job.
  • I like getting the orders out on time.
  • Learning new skills.
  • I like the variety of work in processing.