At Wimmera UnitingCare, we believe we will have the most impact when we are able to help people in various areas of their lives - rather than offering one program focusing on one problem. We can offer a range of programs and services including mental health, family and parenting support, financial support, housing, disability and youth services. Click on the stories below for examples of how Wimmera UnitingCare can help:

Your journey begins with Wimmera UnitingCare when you make contact with the Intake Team.

After an initial assessment your immediate needs will be addressed. You can then decide if you would like to engage with our services or simply use the information we have provided you with to start your journey independently.

If you choose to engage with our services, you will either be referred directly to a specialist service (such as Microfinance or Family Counselling) or you will be allocated one key worker.

Your key worker will introduce you to the Outcomes Star which helps to identify areas in your life where you might need support and also measures your progress.

Throughout your entire journey with Wimmera UnitingCare, your key worker will be your one point of contact and will work with you across multiple life areas depending on your individual need. Your worker may need to make referrals to specialist services but will continue the journey alongside you.

When you have reached your agreed goals and have a range of strategies and supports in place to manage independently your worker will close your case and provide you with the information you need in case you or someone you know needs help in the future.

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