Wimmera UnitingCare is committed to continuous quality improvement throughout all programs, services and activities of the agency and aims to achieve the highest possible quality in all services provided. The governance and management of all Wimmera UnitingCare services reflect and incorporate the values of Uniting Church of Australia, Victoria.

To ensure that Wimmera UnitingCare meets and exceeds all program legislation and standards the agency has a dedicated quality team who in conjunction with senior management oversee organisation accreditation and compliance. The quality team conduct regular internal audits on all quality processes in cooperation with programs across the agency and assists in developing one internal audit system. On average 58 internal audits are carried out annually. As a result of systematically monitoring and reviewing processes and internal audits, Wimmera UnitingCare is fully compliant with all accreditation and registration requirements.

Quality committee

The responsibility of continuous improvement and quality activities are an important part of our everyday operations. The Quality Committee meets monthly and is responsible for overseeing the Quality Management System of Wimmera UnitingCare with the aim of ensuring that all programs are consistent with the agency purpose, mission and values while ensuring legislation and standards are met and accreditation is maintained while driving a culture of continual quality improvement and industry best practice.

The key objectives of the quality committee include providing a mechanism for consultation and communication throughout the agency on policies, procedures and forms issues. They also monitor and review the agency Quality Plan and ensure accreditation information is shared throughout the organisation. The Chief Executive Officer is a member of the Quality Committee which comprises of representatives from all Wimmera UnitingCare programs. The Quality Committee is accountable to the Senior Management Group who are then accountable to the Board of Governance.

External audits

Review by external auditors is both a requirement of funding bodies and a necessity to gaining an objective overall view of where the organisation stands regarding standards and legislation. Wimmera UnitingCare sees these reviews as opportunities to get feedback on our systems, policies and procedures. We are fully compliant with Victorian registration requirements and both Australian and Victorian standards and accreditation requirements.

Accredited Child Safe Organisation

As a Child Wise Child Safe Organisation we:

  • Are committed to protecting children in our care.
  • Understand the nature and risks of child abuse and have an open and aware culture.
  • Discuss and report child abuse safely.
  • Have policies and procedures in place to protect children and staff.
  • Have established and maintain a child safe environment as the main consideration in all our activities and management practices.
  • Ensure all service users and participants are aware of our organisational policy and commitment to child protection.
  • Are preventative not reactive.
  • Understand and act on the moral and legal imperatives of protecting children in our care.
  • Acknowledge the damage an incident of abuse would do to a child, their family, and people within and outside our organisation and with our organisation itself.
  • Have safeguards to protect children, staff, volunteers and the organisation.
  • Have clear boundaries of roles between staff and children.
  • Are open to outside accountability.
  • Have staff and volunteers who are adequately supervised and trained.
  • Recognise and act on children's rights.
  • Do all that we can to protect all children.

For more information about Child Wise and Child Safe Certification, click here.