Plan My Future

Wimmera UnitingCare is here to support you to understand and prepare for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Plan My Future workshops Our free, practical Plan My Future workshops explain how to:

  • check your eligibility for the NDIS  
  • apply for access
  • set, review and achieve your goals

The workshops are also an opportunity to ask questions about the scheme and what it means for you.

Contact us to register your interest for upcoming workshops today. Phone: 1800 195 114

Plan My Future workbook

Our easy-to-use Plan My Future workbook is designed to support you on your NDIS journey.  

The workbook explains the basics of the NDIS and provides prompts to consider:

  • what and who are important to you
  • the support you receive now and any unmet needs
  • your goals across areas of your life and which ones matter the most
  • next steps and what to expect when you start planning with the NDIS.

Download the Plan My Future workbook:

Plan My Future workbook - Wimmera UnitingCare (PDF, 2.57mb)

Plan My Future workbook Accessible Word version - Wimmera UnitingCare (Word, 2.25mb)


'Get NDIS Ready!' information session

Guest speaker Christine Scott has generously provided a number of resources which can be downloaded.

Wimmera UnitingCare would like to thank ELPnet and VALID for providing us with this valuable resources.

Resource 1: Click on the document titles to download the VALID Whole of Life Plan Template, as well as the Instructions for Completing. The instructions need to be read prior to completing and will tell you how to format the template and complete the content. You can also download Guidelines for Using 1st Person in PC Planning (ie. ‘I’ in plans – just using ‘I’ doesn’t make it person-centred).

Resource 2: Click on Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to download a document about the NDIS including information on the 'process' and terminology.

Resource 3: Christine has also provided a copy of her Tips for Preparing for the NDIS presentation slides.


How to register with the NDIS

Click here for some simple steps



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